Penguin update? A Site That Has Grown a Big Ranking

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Penguin update? Sites that have
gained a big ranking yesterday, a major ranking change was confirmed at Google. On the net is not ” penguin update 3.0 “? It is rumored to be. It was said that it was a test fluctuation of the penguin update although there was a big change in the train in the near future. Is this change “Penguin Up Dating 3.0”? Let’s wait for Google’s release. In the first place penguin update is an update that drops (thin) the site whose contents are upgraded by links and methods of spam misunderstanding, so it does not matter at all if it operates normally. People who are making noise in the penguin update will be about SEO companies and affiliators for link prevention. The support site of S & E Partners has hardly fluctuated, but as mentioned above, there were sites that made a big ranking among the major fluctuations. It is “orthodontic + region”. Second place has high clickthrough rate and leads to attracting customers. The site is beautiful, 100% good results will come out because the appeal of “dentist who is safe, dentist want to go” is made.

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